Students and parents are urged to make careful course selections.  Please work with your current teacher for a recommendation on what to take next year in English, Social Studies, Math, Science and World Language.

    2021-2022 Scheduling


    Instructions for on-line scheduling


    Class of 2025 Class of 2025 Course Selections for 2021-2022

     Class of 2025 Scheduling Seminar



    Class of 2024  Class of 2024 Course Selections for 2021-2022

    Class of 2024 Scheduling Seminar Part 1

    Class of 2024 Scheduling Seminar Part 2

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    Class of 2023  Class of 2023 Course Selections for 2021-2022

    Class of 2023 Scheduling Seminar Part 1

    Class of 2023 Scheduling Seminar Part 2

    Class of 2023 Scheduling Seminar Part 3


    Class of 2022  Class of 2022 Course Selections for 2021-2022

    Class of 2022 Scheduling Seminar




    Enter courses using the student's Home Access Center User ID and Password. You will be able to enter your course requests in the Home Access Center during registration, generally held in February.  Further information will follow in regards to verification forms. 



    Students in grades 9, 10, & 11 must be scheduled for a minimum of 6 classes daily. Students in grade 12 must be scheduled for 5 classes daily. If you have less than the required number of classes, you cannot drop a course. Athletes and those in extracurricular programs are reminded to check eligibility requirements before dropping/changing classes!


    Planning a schedule for the next school year is a difficult task, and situations may occur requiring a change in that schedule. These schedule changes, however, have a serious effect on class size, teacher assignments, and the overall master-schedule, and therefore, must be made sparingly. The student and parent are urged not to plan a program with the idea that it can be changed. Once a student selects his/her courses (verified by parents) the Counseling Department will not initiate a schedule change unless a compelling educational reason exists.

    After the close of the school year no changes will occur unless:

    1. there is a technical error in the scheduling process
    2. it is clear that the student is academically misplaced
    3. there is a scheduling conflict



    Several courses require a level of competency to provide a solid foundation for students to build skills upon. With administrative approval, a student may repeat a course in which they have earned a grade of "C+" or below. The repeat of the course must occur the following year. When a course is repeated, the higher of the two grades earned will be included on the official transcript and will be used for Grade Point Average calculation. The lower grade will be discarded.



    Course Drop Forms are available in the Counseling Office and, although used sparingly, may result in a withdrawal from a course if approved. Student, teacher, counselor and parent sections must be completed for a course withdrawal to be considered. Schedule changes for reasons other than technical errors, conflicts, inappropriate placement, or other legitimate educational reasons will not be considered.

    Any course dropped, with approval, before the end of the first nine-week grading period, will be dropped without penalty. After the first nine weeks of any course, no class may be dropped without administrative directive. Courses dropped after the first quarter may be given a grade of WF (withdrawn failing), depending on the circumstances.

    1. If you drop a course before the end of the first nine weeks of the course, there is NO PENALTY attached. It will be deleted from your record. Any course dropped after the first marking period may be considered failed for the year.
    2. The Request to Drop a Course form must be signed first by the teacher and then by your parent before submitting the form to your unit principal for review. The following are considerations:
    • a.     Homework completed?
    • b.     Labs/projects/papers completed?
    • c.     Remediation attempted?
    • d.     Test retakes taken (if applicable)?
    • e.     Spoke to teacher about obtaining help?
    1. You are expected to attend the class until you have received notification from your counselor of whether or not the change was approved. If you are permitted to drop the class, you must return the book to the teacher or you will be charged for the book.