• Calendar/Syllabus Guidelines and Expectations

    It is on you to make sure that you have access to this page and to all other online materials , like our texbook (bookmarks, iPad desktop icons, etc.); it is also on you to make sure you follow the schedule and syllabus propely.  You always need to be ready for class and have access to the materials.  Let me know if you need help. 

    Mr. Keller's Syllabi:

    English 11:        Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4

    AP Literature:  Q1  Q2   Q3  Q4

    Short Story:  Q  Q

    Sci Fi:            Q  Q

    Horror:           Q   Q

    Short Story:   Q  Q






    To help you plan ahead (and to learn to plan ahead), I create four quarter-long syllabi.  They often need adjustment, so I have made them live documents that will show changes in real time.  

    I also post all assignments on the board in my room each week.  I recommend that you take a picture or copy the assignments into a paper planner. 

    If you miss a day (or more), you are still responsible, upon your return, for completing by the due date any reading assignments or homework. Thus, if you are absent on a Friday, and there is a homework assignment or reading assignment due on Monday, that assignment needs to be complete when you return on Monday.  The idea that you get a later due-date after an absence only applies to work that you miss in class. Extreme circumstances may affect this rule.  Also, keep up with the syllabus over snow days.  Be ready!

    Making sure that you know what is due and when offers you a good opportunity to plan your time and to learn to use the tools that you wish to use to manage your own affairs.  This is a great opportunity to practice being "ready" and "responsible." It is also a chance to build on your "grit."  

    Below are my Google Calendars.