• Welcome to Ecology!
    In this course we will explore how the natural world works.  Ecology is all about relationships.  Because it is a branch of biology, these relationships always involve living things.  We will discover how living things relate to each other and their non-living environment.  We also try to discover where humans fit into all of this. 
    The course is designed to be an advanced elective.  This means you will use college level materials at times and you will be challenged to produce work that approaches college level.  The course is heavily field-based.  This means we will be working outside in nature very often.  The conditions will not always be the greatest due to Ohio weather.  You will be expected to work off-trail most of the time.  You will need to get dirty and handle bugs.  Try your best to meet these challenges and you will enjoy this course.
    As the year goes on, I will be adding things to this website.  The calendar will be updated each week.  Also be sure to look and listen for items I will add to the assignments and notes pages for Ecology.  
    Mr. Kearns
typical land lab work