Plagiarism is defined as any use of other peoples' ideas or writing without giving proper citation—no matter how small.  It is both cheating and stealing. See: HERE

    These guidelines also apply to Wiki, Bookrags, Cliffs Notes, etc--and all other junk sites.
    I will be designing assignments specifically to make plagiarism difficult.

    I will regularly use web tools designed to help teachers catch plagiarism.

    If you are caught plagiarizing, purposefully or accidentally, you will earn a 0 for the assignment and be referred to the principal. After that, school policy applies—see student handbook.
    People love to pretend that there is gray area here; there really is not.  Don't plagiarize (even a little bit) and always cite sources (MLA).

    AP: If you are caught plagiarizing in AP, you may be removed from the program.