The course is divided into four quarters, with twelve units leading up to the AP exam and followed by an end of year project. At the end of each unit the students will be given an exam that consists of multiple choice questions and an essay question.  I will use items and essay prompts from released AP Exams as well as my own questions.  In each quarter the students will be given at least one document based question in preparation for the AP exam.

    Students will be asked to read on almost a nightly basis to prepare for class discussion.  Minor quizzes will be given once a week to review the material.  Various in class activities will be used to have the students apply the content discussed in class.  The students will have an opportunity to gain participation points for adding to class discussions, answering questions and posing their own inquiries.

    Primary Text

    McKay, John P., Bennett D. Hill, John Buckler, Clare Haru Crowston, Mary E.

        Wiesner-Hanks, and Joe Perry.  A History of Western Society, Eleventh Edition.

        Boston:  Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2014.

    Required Review Text (Available at the HHS Bookstore)

    Viault, Birdsall S.  Modern European History.  New York: McGraw-Hill, 1990.

        ISBN 0-07-067453-1

    Course Outline

       Unit I:  The Renaissance

       Unit II:  The Protestant Reformation and Wars of Religion

       Unit III:  The Age of Absolutism

       Unit IV:  The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment

       Unit V:  The French Revolution

       Unit VI:  Napoleonic Europe

       Unit VII:  The Industrial Revolution

       Unit VIII:  Nationalism and Nineteenth-Century Europe

       Unit IX:  The Age of Imperialism

       Unit X:  World War One and the Russian Revolution

       Unit XI:  The Interwar Period and World War II

       Unit XII:  Europe After World War II

       Unit XIII:  AP Test Review