• Bienvenue au cours de Français II!
    Our Proficiency Goal: Novice High 
    Course Resources: T'es Branché, Level 2; additional authentic sources will be posted in Google Classroom.
    This year, we will explore....
    1. Comment je passe l'été - What do your peers do in the summer in other countries?
    2. Dans la capitale - What stories does Paris tell about art and architecture?
    3. La vie quotidienne - How do the routines of people in other countries differ from mine?
    4. Autrefois - How does the past shape us?
    5. Bon voyage - What do you need to know to travel successfully?
    All assignments and class activities will be posted and submitted on Google Classroom.
    Parents & Students: Please read the document Classroom Policies and Procedures for information about grading, assessments, course materials, etc.