•                                  Academic Resource Classroom (ARC)

                         ARC provides resources for students in several capacities:
    • Tutorial Support/Intervention for academics and quiet working environments for work completion 
    • Credit Recovery through APEX On Line Learning 
    • Individualized environment for social/emotional/physical needs
    • AIR Test Intervention and remediation
    • ISR-In School Restriction supervision and support


    Students in ARC will work to achieve their academic goals, develop and maintain effective time management skills, and work to improve organization and study skills. They will work collaboratively with me to communicate needs and discuss feedback about their progress on a weekly basis.
    Support is given for all academic classes. Note taking; outlining; test and quiz preparation; writing skills; word processing; math reasoning; project planning are just some of the ways in which your student will participate! ARC is an individualized supportive environment!
    Students are expected to conduct themselves according to our school rules and policies. For any infraction, a referral would start with a warning, a teacher conference, parent communication and, if need be, an administration referral. I am a believer in learning from mistakes but I look for strengths and assets in each student! I find learning to be fun and enriching and look forward to creating an environment of success and healthy self esteem!
    Come to class prepared with ALL materials
       Show respectful behaviors to everyone
    Complete work to the best of your ability
    Work consistently
    Enjoy the process of learning!