The library/media program links students, teachers, and other members of the learning community to the world of information by:

          * Teaching students to become informational literate and lifelong learners,

          * Working in collaborative partnerships to meet individual needs, and

          * Providing access to information resources and technology. 

    To that end the goal of the School Library/Media Program is to:

          *  Support curriculum and provide materials on all levels, for all subjects and interests of students, teachers, and administrators.

          *  Instruct teachers and students in research, study skills, the use of the media center and its materials.  

          *  Encourage students to develop critical thinking and to promote continuing educational and cultural growth in an inviting atmosphere.

          *  Provide multi-format material, such as books, video, periodicals, pictures, software, and other resources as well as audiovisual equipment for using these materials.

          *  Include production facilities for use by students and teachers.

          *  Foster the love of reading and lifelong learning.

    The library/media program is truly the heart of learning in our schools.