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Questions and Answers

Q: What is Academic Challenge?

A: Academic Challenge is a competition much like the game show Jeopardy, but competition occurs in a team format rather than individually. 


Q: What is a team?

A: A team consists of 4 players.  Hudson usually fields at least one varsity team and one junior varsity team for various tournaments.  Teams can also have substitutes who may sub in during a match.


Q: What does a round consist of?

A: Although formats may vary from tournament to tournament, a match consists of three rounds:

  • Category Round - one non-competitive question for each team and one toss-up question where a team must buzz in with the correct answer.  Categories include American Literature, Mathematics (Algebra I and II, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus), World History, Fine Arts, Life Science, English/World Literature, U.S. Government, Physical Science, World Geography and U.S. History.
  • Alphabet Round - each team is given 4 minutes to complete a 20 question quiz.  All of the answers begin with the same letter of the alphabet.
  • Lightning Round - consists of 20 toss-up questions.  Questions are drawn from the same categories as those in the category round and also mythology, spelling, popular culture, world religion, philosophy, earth and space science, quotations, and theater.


Q: How do you buzz in?

A: Each team has an electronic buzzer system that works much like the one on Jeopardy.


Q: How do you answer as a team?

A: Team members may confer with each other for a few seconds before giving a response.


Q: Do I have to be extremely smart to be on the team?

A: No. We have students competing from multiple academic levels.  Everyone always has a chance to practice and improve their knowledge.  Our junior varsity also allows more students to participate in tournaments.  On the Academic Challenge Team you will find freshmen to seniors, regular-level to AP students.


Q: Who can be on the team?

A: Any freshman through senior at Hudson High School who is currently passing his/her classes and has no major disciplinary issues.  Of course, they must also pay district fees, team dues, and have an emergency medical form on file.


Q: What are the team requirements?

A: Since this is an activity with a paid advisor, each student must pay the mandatory $20 activity fee per district rules (specific fee for Academic Challenge).  This is an annual fee and is a one-time charge that covers clubs like Speech and Debate and Model UN as well (NOTE: This is separate from sports fees and marching band fees)  This fee is payable to the Main Office.  Students also must have a completed Emergency Medical Form on file with the team coaches (Find the forms here - use the BOTTOM TWO labeled FIELD TRIPS).  There is a also a small team fee (usually $25) which is either paid directly by the student or earned through fundraising.  The team dues go toward paying entry fees for tournaments, practice questions, buzzer systems, and the team banquet.


Q: How long is the season?

A: We start practicing in mid-September.  Our first tournament is in October.  Our last tournament is in April. 


Q: When are practices?

A: We practice most Tuesdays from 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm in A201.  We take breaks for midterms and OGT week, and if we have a tournament during the same week.


Q: When are tournaments?

A: Tournaments can vary.  We participate in the Summit County League and those tournaments usually run from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm on Mondays.  Others are on Saturdays, and usually run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Check the Tournaments tab on this website for more detailed information.  It is expected that each team member attend at least one tournament during the year.


Q: What if I'm in other sports?

A: You can certainly still participate.  You may be able to participate during the fall but not the winter, for example.


Q: What is the $25 team fee?

A: Each club or activity is not fully funded by the Board of Education.  On Academic Challenge we have a variety of expenses (upkeep of our expensive buzzer systems, tournament entry fees, end-of-the-year banquet, etc.)  Each club is expected to do some fundraising to support itself.  For many years now, team members have preferred just to pay a $25 fee and be done with the fundraising requirement (so we don't have to organize a bake sale or sell cookie dough door-to-door).  Note: This is separate from the $20 annual district pay-to-play fee for extracurricular clubs.


Q: Who do I contact if I want more information or am interested in joining?

A: Contact the head coach Mr. Bolin at