• 12/9  Friday, December 11, is the homeroom silent auction and next week is our week of "Secret Pals."

    Swimming will be each Friday afternoon from 3:00-3:30.  Please send in a bag containing a suit, towel, and if you would like, goggles and a swim cap.  A life guard will be on duty and I also go in the water with the students.  What a super opportunity we have to use the pool! 
    I was so happy to see how many "Buddies" that wanted to join the group at recess and lunch time to help model appropriate social interactions with peers.  Natural social interaction and modeling is so effective when not forced in a confined classroom setting.  Kids are aloud to just be kids at recess and at lunch. 
    Here is a glimpse of what our daily schedule looks like in 5th grade.  Keep in mind that your child may be receiving related services such as OT, SP, and or PT. 
    Arrival and Homerooms
    Math (curriculum and IEP goals)
    Snack/ICT (Individual Choice Time)/Sensory Break
    Specials and/or Focus
    Inquiry with Mrs. Mitchell
    Read Aloud with Homeroom teachers on M, W, Fr., and Read Aloud with Mrs. Eiskamp on Tues., Th.  
    Inclusion Reading (curriculum, including social studies material and IEP goals) with myself and Mrs. Denges
    Sensory Walk
    Reading with Mrs. Eiskamp
    Sensory Break
    In addition to our schedule, we also have the opportunity to participate in The Zones (Thursday), Buddies Group (Monday and Wednesday), Adaptive Music (Wednesday), and Free Swim on Fridays.  Myself or an aide will go in the pool along with the students and we also have an on-duty lifeguard monitoring the pool. 
    My e-mail is eiskampk@hudson.edu.  I will also be posting important school information each week to this website.  You will find that info. here under Classroom Happenings.  Please be sure to check it every few days. In addition, please check your email, your child's planner and daily communication page each night for notes and reminders.  I ask that you sign the planner each day as well.  Each morning, I check each take home folder and planner for notes and homework.  I sign the planner too.  Please check the "calendar" page as well.  I will be adding important dates as the year progresses.  

    Classroom Procedures:

    Homework:  Homework is given 2-3 days per week.  Additional unfinished classwork will be sent home on occasion as well.  Assignments, tests, quizzes, and projects will be written in the planner on Monday of each week.  Your child will have assistance "loading" his or her planner each week with these assignments.  Typically, I would ask for homework to be returned the next day, however, if more time is needed, please return it by Friday of the week it is assigned.  If more times is needed, please let me know. 
    Morning Snack:   We take a snack break each morning following 10 minutes of gross motor sensory time.  Please send in a healthy snack each day.  
    Reusable Grocery Bag:  If you haven't done so already, please send in a reusable grocery bag to be used for Inquiry supplies.