• Welcome 5th  graders to the 2020-2021 school year, where

    East Woods Explorers seek to discover more of our diverse and ever-changing

    World with all of you!  I am looking forward to an enjoyable

    and successful year working productively with you and

    our excellent team: 
        Mrs. Mary Allen-GladstoneMrs. Sharon NivertStaff Picture
             Mrs. Gladstone  Mrs. Nivert  Mrs. Grant        
     Room B213      HR. B214        HR B212
    Together we share the philosophy
    that all children are individualized
    learners as we approach our instruction using
    a variety of methods.  I am excited to
    gain and share new insight into all content
    areas from you, your children, along with 
    my talented and experienced fellow team members.
Detectives at work!