Marie Rourke
       This week in Mrs. Rourke's class...
    In reading we are wrapping up our interpretive book club and literary essay units.  Students will continue to read with their book clubs throughout the next unit in order to keep up their reading of literature.  The next reading and writing units focus on non-fiction texts and informational writing.  I like these units because they give students tools and strategies to comprehend increasingly difficult texts, and deepen the complexity in their informational writing. 
    Students should continue reading 30 minutes at home.  Even if they read at school, they still need to do this at home in order to become even better readers.  If your child is struggling to read at home, try mixing it up a little.   You can break the reading into 10 or 15 minute chunks, read aloud with your child, or start a family book club.  It is also fun to read a book that has been turned into a movie.  This often motivates kids to quickly finish a book so they can watch the movie and compare how they align.  
    As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at rourkem@hudson.k12.oh.us
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