• What services we offer:
    - Short-term individual student counseling as needed for personal, social,
    emotional and educational issues.
    - Consultation for adults working with students, training, resource and
    referral services.
    - Classroom activities such as educational planning, personal-social development,
    career choices, and high school scheduling.
    - Group activities that may include orientation for students and parents
    about services, programs and personnel; assistance with educational planning,
    study skills, career planning, and college selection.
    - Individual student appraisal of abilities, achievements, and interests;
    advisement for activities based on appraisal; advisement for curricular
    choices/options and educational career planning and progress.
    Middle school counselors provide support to individual students, parents
    and staff on request or referral. Other services include small group counseling
    and providing resource and referral information to other mental health professionals.

    Counselors help students learn to:
    - Develop problem-solving skills
    - Work toward self-understanding.
    - Develop communication skills.
    - Manage transitional issues between levels and programs.
    - Learn to self-advocate.
    - Cope with change.
    - Identify interests in educational/career options.
    - Identify curricular interests and needs.

    Counselors help parents to understand:
    - Teen-age development issues.
    - Effective parent/child communication.
    - Student academic and behavioral issues.
    - Assessment services and support.
    - Transitional issues between levels/programs.
    - Curricular requirements for graduation.
    - Educational/career/college choices, options and processes.

    Crisis counseling is provided for students, parents and staff. Counselors
    are called upon for individual, building, and district-wide crises.

    Information about community resources and coordination of services for students,
    parents and educators is provided through referral and personal contact.
    Referrals are made when the need is identified for therapeutic intervention
    or long-term counseling.

    How do we see a school counselor?
    -Parents may call the guidance secretary for appointments at 330-653-1320.
    -Students may schedule guidance appointments during study hall or lunch.
    -Before or after school appointments may also be made.
    -Counselors are available daily for student walk-ins.

    Need additional information?
    If you need more information concerning the Hudson City Schools' Comprehensive
    Student Services Program, please contact the office of the Director of Special
    Services at 330-653-1426.

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    Please contact the Guidance Office if you need information on counseling referrals or other links to community.