•  6 Respect Science Classroom Rules and Policies

    6 Respect Science Homework Policy

    Science Supply List

    Science Class Safety Contract


    Respect Science Homework Policy:
    • Homework is due at the beginning of class.
    • Late homework without an approved excuse (illness/apt) will have points deducted.
    • It is YOUR responsibility to complete missed assignments. When you return, obtain the STUDY BUDDY sheet from the correct class period bin.    Review/complete the information missed that correlates with the day missed.  If you have additional questions, please ask.
    • If you miss a lab or class activity, you may be given an alternate assignment.  
    • Assignments (when given - most work is completed during class) will be posted on my Google calendar.
    • When homework is assigned, it is to prepare you for the next day’s class.  
    • You can only submit late work up to the last week before the quarter ends. I won't accept late work during the final week of any quarter. Any work "missing" will be converted to zeroes.  If work is still missing during the final week of the quarter, it will be completed at the end of each quarter during our team Opportunity Day, but again, it will not receive credit to be entered into the grade book.

    Tests and Quizzes:

    • If you miss the day of a test, EXPECT to take the test on the day that you return.
    • Quizzes can be announced or unannounced (“POP”) – be prepared!
    • Study guides will sometimes be provided.  It is your responsibility to use lab data/notes to complete the study guide. When given, please use these guides to help prepare for your tests.


    Supply List:


    Science Binder

    Colored pencils 

    A box of Kleenex (for your homeroom class only)


    Science Class Safety Contract

    Science is a hands-on laboratory class where you will be participating in lab activities.  Safety in the science classroom is a priority for students, teachers, and parents. To ensure a safe classroom, the following list has been developed and provided for you in this science class safety contract.  These rules must be followed at all times.  


    1. I will read all the instructions for a given lab activity before it begins.
    2. I will follow my teacher’s written and verbal instructions carefully.  If I am in doubt about any part of the experiment, I will ask the teacher for assistance.
    3. I will act in a mature manner and behave responsibly while an experiment is in progress.
    4. I will wear goggles or other protective clothing when designated by the teacher.
    5. I will touch equipment, chemicals, or other materials in the lab area only when instructed.
    6. I will refrain from eating or drinking in the science lab.
    7. I will maintain a clean work area and keep the aisles clear.
    8. I will find out the locations of safety equipment.
    9. I will be alert and proceed with caution at all times in the lab.  I will notify the teacher immediately of any unsafe condition I observe.
    10. I will keep my hands away from my face, eyes, mouth, and body while using chemicals or preserved specimens.
    11. I will treat all chemicals as dangerous.  I will not touch, taste, or smell them unless told to do so.
    12. I will dispose of all waste materials as instructed by the teacher.
    13. After an experiment has been completed, I will clean my work area and return all equipment to its proper place.
    14. I will wash my hands after every experiment.
    15. I will refrain from removing lab materials from the classroom.
    16. I will report any accident or injury to the teacher immediately.