Hudson, Ohio
    Summer school is optional. Any inappropriate behavior (as listed below) will result in a withdrawal from summer school without financial reimbursement. 
    1. Excessive absence: All day-to-day absences/tardies will be handled by the classroom teacher. Absences are limited to three days for credit courses that are 6 weeks. Three tardies equal one absence. Absences are limited to 1.5 days for credit courses that are 3 weeks. When a student goes beyond three days (6-week course) or 1.5 days (3-week course) of absence, he/she is to be referred to the Administrator for withdrawal from class.
    2. Inappropriate classroom behavior: Teachers are responsible for informing the student's parents of inappropriate behavior. The teacher will work with the student to modify behavior, will maintain documentation, and may assign a student to time out. After two timeouts, the teacher will refer the student to the Administrator for further intervention or official withdrawal from class.
    3. Inappropriate behavior: Students who engage in the following will be withdrawn: vandalism, insubordination, use of tobacco, use or possession of alcohol/drugs/drug paraphernalia, leaving school property during breaks without permission.
    4. Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. 
    5. Students may use the designated restrooms during the breaks. Students in grade 9-12 will use one set of designated restrooms while elementary and middle school students will use another. The other restrooms will be locked.
    6. Students driving to school are to park in the High School parking lot. Once the car is parked, students may not return to the car until the class is finished for the day.
    7. The speed limit on the school grounds is 15 miles per hour! Speeding, reckless operation or using a vehicle to violate school rules is prohibited.
    8. Student's dress must be appropriate. The Dress Code, adopted in 2009 by the Hudson Board of Education, will be used as the basis for minimum dress requirements for summer school. Shoes or sandals will be worn at all times during summer school. Midriffs, halter tops, and reference to tobacco, drugs, or alcohol will not be permitted. The school is air-conditioned. Please dress respectfully.
    Note: Violation of these rules and/or disruptive behavior which interferes with the education of others will result in dismissal from the summer school program without refund.