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    Study Strategies is a class that provides students with an opportunity to complete homework, prepare for tests/quizzes, and review daily assignments in a small group setting.  Students also use this time to discuss strategies for navigating through the unique social environment of the middle school setting.  The individualized support that students receive in this setting can make a world of difference to their success.
    When is Study Strategies offered?  
    *1st period M/W/F, T/R/F, or M-F
    *6th period M/W/F, T/R/F, or M-F
    *9th period T-F
    * 1st and 6th period are considered Encore classes in 6th grade.  Encore classes include:  Band, Orchestra, Choir, Physical Education, and Study Hall.  Every student is required to take Physical Education for 2.5 days per week.  If your child is enrolled in Band, Orchestra, or Choir, this will limit the amount of time they will be able to participate in Study Strategies.  9th period is not considered an Encore period, however, some students may be scheduled for Study Strategies depending on their individual needs.