• 6th grade is the first time that students will receive letter grades.  SunGuard is a program that our school district uses to report grades.  At the beginning of the school year, you should receive a user id and password to access your child's grades.  Please contact the main office if you do not receive your unique id.  
    Suggestions for using SunGuard:
    1.  Decide if your child should have access to their grades.  Many students can use this as a tool to monitor their progress on individual assignments and overall grades.  However, for some students, checking grades can be stressful and counter-productive.
    2.  Don't panic!  At the beginning of a new quarter, one poor grade can have a significant impact on the overall grade.
    3.  Look for patterns.  Sungaurd will break assignments down by categories (ie.  Homework, Classwork, Tests, Quiz, etc...)  Is there a category that needs improvement?  This is a great opportunity to speak with your child about successes and improvements.    
                   Grading Scale:
                   98-100  A+
                   93-97    A
                   90-92    A-
                   87-89    B+
                   83-86    B
                   80-82    B-
                   77-79    C+
                   73-76    C
                   70-72    C-
                   67-69    D+
                   63-66    D
                   60-62    D-
                   <60       F