• Textbook:

    This year we will be using the CPM Course 2 textbook.  It is recommended that you use the online textbook as it has many useful tools such as homework help and a glossary.  You can access the textbook here.  Be sure to log in using your Google account.



    Homework will be assigned nightly. It is essential for your child to complete each day's assignment completely in order to experience the greatest success. Each assignment is worth 3 points. In order to get full credit for each assignment, it must be in pencil, complete, show all work, and be completely corrected during class in grading pen/colored pencil with correct answers and correct work. If a student receives 2 or below out of the possible 3 points on their homework, they are able to correct the missed problems and return it for a maximum of 3 points. Late homework will receive a maximum score of 2, and it will only be accepted up to the test.  Late homework will NOT be accepted after the test.  All homework will be completed in the graph paper notebook and will not be torn out.  After homework is graded, it will become a study guide for the next quiz/test. Students should be using their calculator on their homework to complete the calculations; however, they need to show their work on their homework by writing what they typed into the calculator.




    We will have a test about every three-four weeks, with a minimum of one quiz per unit. Tests are cumulative and cover all previous chapters.  If students did not demonstrate mastery of concepts on tests, they may have the opportunity to correct their missed problems and work with me on missed concepts and then retake portions of assessments as well.  They need to schedule an appointment with me to go over a plan for the retake.  I do offer retakes on select assessments, but students must show me what they have done differently to prepare for their retake.  The focus is on mastering the material, not the grade.


    Study Guides
    Before each test, we will complete a study guide; however, homework is also an excellent study guide. Before each quiz, students should be studying their homework which serves as a great study guide. Part of the study guides will be completed in class, and part will be completed for homework.  Answer keys for study guides will always be posted on Google Classroom at least 1-2 days prior to the test.  Be sure to use the answer key to check your answers and be sure you are showing work correctly.  See me if you have any questions on any of the problems PRIOR to the test.




    I will be utilizing weighted grades for math.  Homework will be worth 10% of the grade, summative assessments will be worth 50% of the grade, and formative assessments such as quizzes, exit slips, and projects will be worth 40% of the grade. Check Home Access Center frequently as I will update grades on a daily basis. If an assignment has an M in the grade book, that means I still do not have the assignment from the student (the comments will note whether it is late or due to an absence).  If it is blank, that means I have it, but it is not graded yet.  





    I highly recommend all students have a calculator and bring it with them to class daily. I require students to show all work on their papers. (This means they need to show me what they put in the calculator.  I do not need to see the full long division for example.) They should check all answers with their calculators. They will be allowed to use them on most/ but not all tests, depending on what the test is assessing.



    Late/ Makeup Work:


    If your child is absent, he/she will have one day for every day that he/she was absent to make up that work. Late work will score a maximum grade of 2/3, but absent work will still receive full credit. If your child has an extended absence, I will work with them on a plan for making up the work.  This will include extending due dates beyond the one day/ absence if needed.  I am flexible, so please advocate for what you need!




    I am looking forward to an exciting year working with your child! Please feel free to contact me any time with questions or concerns.