•                            Celebrating Birthdays in G-5
    We LOVE to celebrate birthdays in G-5!!!!   We celebrate them by making cards, singing a special birthday rap and the "optional" sharing of a "BIRTHDAY TREASURE" brought in by the birthday child for each classmate to add to the fun!  We also invite a member of the child's family to read a special book or story to the class on that day!!!
    The "Treasure" should be ONE small novelty item, something homemade, a sticker, a pencil, a bookmark, etc. to be taken home and enjoyed.  Truly, it is the THOUGHT that counts!  Look in the "party favor" section of Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or most grocery stores for ideas.  We currently have 22 children in our class.
    We are also happy to celebrate "Half-birthdays" for children whose birthdays are in the summer.  June birthdays would be in December, July in January, and August in February.  We will contact you near the time of your child's birthday to arrange a day/time for the celebration.  When the time for your child's birthday celebration arrives, we encourage you to come to Evamere G-5 bringing the birthday "TREASURES" to be shared and to read your child's special book to the class.  If that is NOT possible, we encourage you to send the treasures and special book in with your child and we will read it to the class...either plan is fine with us!!!  We look forward to celebrating your child's special day at school!!