Study Strategies

    3rd & 7th

    Mrs. Sweitzer A116



    Sixth grade at Hudson Middle School is the beginning of your journey in secondary education. It is essential that you lay the foundation of study skills and strategies to be successful in the future. It’s time to take responsibility for your learning by maintaining your planner, completing assignments, striving for good grades, being an advocate for yourself and participating in class. You can do it!



    Your planner is your secret to success! It’s your job to take care of it and record your assignments on a weekly basis and make the necessary changes. 

    Here are some suggestions for maintaining it:

    • Use a binder clip or ruler from Mrs. Sweitzer to mark the current week
    • All assignments are written in the appropriate box under the due dates
    • Check off assignments as they are completed
    • Keep all the planner pages intact and file extra papers in class folders
    • Please bring this to all classes and Study Strategies each day!


    Daily Assignment Checklist:

    When you arrive at Study Strategies, we will review all assignments on the board as a class. Then you will complete an assignment checklist to help you prioritize your assignments to complete at school and at home. After listing them, then you will prioritize them and assign a number of minutes for each assignment to be completed within 30 minutes. For example, math should take 15-20 minutes, language arts 10 minutes, and so on. Your first priority will always be to finish math first followed by other assignments! If you use your time wisely, and get right down to work, then you can get a lot accomplished.


    Folder Organization:

    The goal of folder organization is “to have a place for every paper”.  Ideally, organizing your papers should be done after every class, during Study Strategies, or at home. In the event that everything will be on your iPads, remember to create files in your google drive to organize your docs. If necessary, you will receive assistance with this process during class.


    Home Access Center:

    In the next few weeks, you will receive a letter at home explaining the use of the Home Access Center. You will be given a username and password to access your grades from your home computer. It is necessary that you make checking this a regular habit  by yourself and/or alongside your parents. Homework needs to be turned in on the due date unless there is a viable reason for it being incomplete. When you are absent, you will be responsible to check it for your assignments. It is intended to keep you and your parents informed of assignments and are not meant as a substitute for the assignment planner or google calendar. Please be aware that we consider your needs and IEP goals on a daily basis and sometimes it will not reflect the most current information or changes provided to students in class. In this case, always refer to your planner, google calendar or email the teacher for clarification.


    Paper Set-up:

    You will be asked to set up your paper with the following MLA heading on the left-hand side of your paper.  If you forget, refer to the example posted on the board.


    Teacher’s name:

    Class & Period:



     Backpacks and Lockers:

    “Being organized leads to having an organized mind”, thus having an organized backpack and locker is another essential to being successful at Hudson Middle School.

    Here are some suggestions for maintaining your locker

    • Hang your coat on the hook
    • Place your backpack on a hook or under your coat
    • Hang the “Things to Bring to Class” list on the backside of the locker
    • Stack folders/books upright in your backpack or on the locker shelf
    • Use a stringbag for your iPad and pencil case to take to class
    • Be sure to file loose papers
    • Recycle water bottles
    • No items please on top of the locker
    • Band instruments will be housed in the double door cabinet in the Common Room

    Study Strategies:

    We will be learning many study skills and strategies this year. Here is a list of a few of them that will help you be successful in 6th grade. Please bring your planner, pencil pouch, binders and folders with homework, a reading book, and your iPad to class. 

    • Maintaining planners
    • Organizing binders/folders
    • Completing homework
    • Studying for tests/quizzes
    • Organizing and completing long term projects
    • Following directions
    • Using graphic organizers
    • Prioritizing and having an organized work space
    • Learning to be an advocate for yourself

     *I look forward to working with you as you develop your Study Strategies in order to become a responsible and independent student this year in 6th grade! :)