Math/Inquiry/LA Overview

  • Curriculum Overview


    Math Information:

    Hudson has adopted the Bridges math program. It is designed to "bridge" the gap between constructivist math and traditional math programs. Students will be encouraged to try a variety of strategies when learning concepts to find the one that is efficient and makes most sense mathematically in his/her mind. In my classroom, this exploration will happen during math workshops. A few days a week students will participate in different activities to explore new ways of thinking about numbers, patterns, and mathematical concepts. I will have an opportunity to meet with students to clarify thinking, reteach when necessary and enrich as needed. The workshop model allows for differentiation to occur naturally in the classroom and give students the opportunity to work at the correct pace and level for his/her needs.  

    Khan Academy will be assigned to each student. A username and password will be issued in the first week of school. This information will be in the front of the planner for reference. Each week students will be expected to log minutes on Khan Academy. This website again allows for independent work and individualized learning. I will confer with students on Fridays to discuss progress and reteach concepts as needed. 

    Khan Academy


    Homework will be issued two-three times weekly. This will include practice pages, review pages, and online work. Homework allows students to refine skills and be prepared for the more complicated problems we work on in a class lesson. Long term assignments will be on the website calendar page, but please refer to the planner for small daily work. 

    Assessments will occur weekly in a variety of forms. Unit tests will be assigned a week ahead of the test date. Quizzes will occur during class time and will comprise of review material to keep skills sharp. Many assessments are observational during class time and through discussions with your child. Look for papers to be in Take-Home folders each week. 

    Inquiry Information:

    Our Inquiry class is an investigative portion of our day to explore science and social studies standards through labs, projects based learning experiences, investigations, and hands-on learning. The first half of the school year will focus on science standards and we will finish 5th grade looking deeply into social studies standards. 

    Science Standards - Ecosystems, Solar Systems, and Energy

    Social Studies - 

    Much of the social studies standards will be embedded in Language Arts. In Inquiry, students will take the information they have learned in LA and develop an interesting way of presenting the information. This will include culminating projects, speeches, technology presentations and more. 

    Language Arts - 

    The Language Arts program in the Hudson schools is based on the assumption that the components of language/reading, writing, spelling, speaking, listening and thinking are best learned when integrated into meaningful activities that bring all of these components into play. To prepare our students for a world in which effective communication is essential, our program helps students realize their potential through learning experiences which emphasize process, along with skills application. Additionally, teachers meet individual students' needs by using a variety of materials and teaching strategies, including the use of technology. Our goal is to create lifelong learners who read, write, speak and think effectively.