• Classroom Procedures:

    Snack Break: We have an optional snack mid-morning while working.  We encourage students to bring a healthy (peanut-free) snack and water bottle. 

    Parties: We have four parties: Halloween, Winter Holiday, Valentine's Day and an end-of-the-year picnic. Each classroom will have 2 room parents and there will also be a sign up to help out with each party. We enjoy combining our classroom parties within the team. More information will follow.

    Birthday Treats: The district's policy on birthday treats has changed. Treats are only allowed to be purchased by teachers and must follow the safe snack list provided by the school. We try to make each child's birthday (or half birthday) special in the classroom. 

    Assignments Book: Students should record all assignments, test dates, project dates, and special activities every day in their assignment notebook. If no assignment is given in a subject, the blank should be filled in with "none" or an "N". Assignments are listed on the assignment board in the classrooms and are announced orally. Large projects will also be listed on our homework page on this website.

    Homework Policy: The load of work varies depending on the content.  Work must be turned in the following day during class.  We ask that your child reads nightly 30 minutes for the 40 Book Challenge. 

        The expectations are as follows: 

    •  An email or phone call will be sent if a student receives three late marks in any one subject in a grading period. If there are extenuating circumstances, we can make adjustments on an as-needed basis.
    • If homework continues to be a problem assistance and additional steps will be taken to ensure that our students are prepared with strong study skills.

    Evaluations: There are three report cards sent home during the year. Midway through each grading period, interim reports are issued only as necessary. Conferences are scheduled during October and January. However, any concerns will be addressed on an as-needed basis. 

    Dismissal Procedures: If your child plans to go home a way outside their normal routine, please send in a note or contact the office. Do not email the information because when we are teaching, we may not get the information in time.


    Specials Schedule:
    Monday: Music
    Tuesday: Library
    Wednesday: Music, Physical Education
    Thursday: Physical Education
    Friday: Art 
    Monday: Music
    Tuesday: Physical Education
    Wednesday: Music, Physical Education
    Thursday: Library
    Friday: Art