Welcome to Mrs. Malerick's and Mr. Milligan's Geometry Class!
    On this page and through the links to the left and below, you will find items specific to our class such as how to get help, method for completing your homework, and links to files share with you during the school year.  
    Link to ebook: Ebook Access  (or go to https://sso.cpm.org)
    Be sure to SCROLL DOWN to find YOUR Homework Calendar.
    1)  To access Homework Help - do one of the following:
    1. Go to your ebook and find the homework.  Embeded in nearly every problem is a link to the homework help.
    2. Go to CPM Homework Help (or copy and paste: https://homework.cpm.org/)  THEN - Select Core Connections Geometry Book.
    3. Google CPM Homework Help and locate Core Connections Geometry
    2) To access Parent Support Options and the Parent Guide (that contains extra practice problems)
    1. Go to  CPM Geometry Parent Guides/Extra Practice and SELECT GEOMETRY under the Core Connection Series at the left.  Then select PARENT GUIDE from the list on the left.