• Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I sign up my child for orchestra?
    Fourth grade students should attend the String Instrument Rental Night to get measured for an instrument and shop local music stores. All students should complete the Orchestra Registration Form.
    What if my fourth grader wants to be in band?
    Band at East Woods begins in 5th grade. Check out band information here!
    My child is in fifth grade and is new to the district. Is it too late to join orchestra?
    The orchestra welcomes fifth grade students who are interested in joining orchestra!
    What orchestra offerings are available in the older grades?
    Orchestra is available for students all the way through the 12th grade in Hudson! Please visit the Middle and High School Orchestra site for more information. 
    Where do we get an instrument? 
    There are many quality vendors in the Cleveland area. Join us for the Orchestra Rental Night for special offers from quality vendors. Dr. Lowell will measure your child for an instrument and you can rent directly from vendors that night. They will even deliver the instruments to EW for you! If you are unable to attend the Open House, please email Dr. Lowell for more information.
    How do we know what size instrument to get?
    Dr. Lowell will measure students at school!
    Does the school provide instruments?
    Families are responsible for providing instruments for students. There are school-owned cellos and bases that are shared during the school day, in order to facilitate transportation. However, students are required to have one at home for practicing and must be able to transport instruments to school as needed. 
    If there is a financial need, students may be eligible for assistance. 
    Where and when does Orchestra meet? We are already busy after school!
    Orchestra/strings, band, and choir are regularly scheduled classes that meet during the school day. No one will miss any of the excellent extracurricular activities, sports, clubs, or classes to participate in musical ensembles! Once your child has signed up for orchestra, you will receive more detailed information about what days orchestra meets.
    Is there homework?
    Yes! Students practice at home. Fourth graders typically practice 15 minutes a day, fifth graders typically practice 20 minutes a day.
    How and when does my child transport the instrument?
    Violins and violas need to bring their instrument for all music classes. Cello students bring the instrument in one morning a week, and take it home one afternoon a week. Some buses allow cellos, but some do not due to space considerations. Double basses are NOT allowed on the bus. Parents are responsible for bringing the bass for assigned dates for tuning and maintenance. Please take these factors into consideration when selecting an instrument.
    My child already plays a string instrument. How can he/she participate?
    If you already play a string instrument and have been taking private lessons, please let Dr. Lowell know! You may be interested in one of the several ensembles that are often put together for additional musical opportunities. String students of any playing level are welcome in our orchestra program! 
    All East Woods orchestra members perform on the winter and spring concerts. There may be additional performance opportunities throughout the year. Information regarding all concerts will be sent home via email. 
    Still have a question? Feel free to email Dr. Lowell!
5th Grade Orchestra
  • Photo Credit: Dennis Hensley