Miss Komar's Spelling

Spelling Bee
  •   Miss Komar will introduce spelling lists at least one week before the test - tests are biweekly.  All spelling lists are posted on Spelling City.  Clicking the Spelling City logo at the bottom of the page will link you directly to Miss Komar's Spelling City page.

    Students will be completing Root Word Superheros for each list from the list provided for their words(they MAY use other words on the list who have the root - but not all words who look like they have the root do - example "-ate" is a root word found in words such as senate, considerate and moderate, however, "date" and "late" do not have the root, it just happens to be a shared spelling pattern - a good rule of thumb is - Can I break it into parts that also have vowels when I take my root out?  Superheroes are due the Wednesday before the test (usually on Friday).

      My classroom philosophy believes students can master material, even if it takes another try.  Therefore, if students miss more than 2 spelling words on a spelling test, they will restudy them and take a retest on just the missed words the next week (the last day of that week).  Additionally, if students miss more than two words they will also be expected to study and retry any other words they misspelled in the sentences on the test. If students misspell words in the sentences, but their spelling words are all correct they have no spelling redos.

      Our spelling tests also cover vocabulary development around different Latin and Greek roots.  Students are expected to know the roots and to be able to use the words in a sentence of 8 words or more which shows meaning.  (No "My spelling word is ______.", "Do you know what _______ means?" or "______ means ______.")  We will be practicing each word together throughout the week in class.  If students do not use one or both words correctly they will also redo those the following week. Miss Komar reserves the right to also give them one more word to use in a sentence on the retest if it becomes a problem that students are not studying their vocabulary and merely waiting to retake the two, so they didn't have to learn as many.  

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