• The Leader in Me
    The Leader in Me is a program based on Stephen Covey's seven habits of effective people.  We believe that children will be responsible, respectful, and ready when they possess these seven habits:
    Be Proactive:  
    You're in charge of yourself!
    Begin with the End in Mind:  
    Have a plan!
    Put First Things First:  
    Work first, then play!
    Think Win-Win:  
    Everyone can win!
    Seek First to Understand Then to be Understood:  
    Listen before you talk.
    Together is better!
    Sharpen the Saw:  
    Balance is best! 
  • The Zones of Regulation
     The Zones of Regulation is a program that Hudson City School District adopted to teach students how to recognize and control their feelings so that they will be in an optimal zone for learning.  In the chart below you can see that there are four zones.  All feelings are normal; therefore we never refer to any zone as being bad.   Instead we teach students how to respond to being in each zone. Some strategies to move from a blue, yellow or red zone back to a green zone might include deep breathing, counting to ten, taking a brisk walk, stretching, drawing, and so forth.