• To build a strong foundation for the study of higher mathematics.
    • To explore and develop a conceptual understanding of algebra.
    • To practice mental math and to apply algebraic concepts to real-world situations.
    • To make connections between the patterns, rules, tables, and graphs that occur in mathematics.
    • To think and write about math.


      Your Math Grade

      • Every attempt will be made to update your grades regularly online so you can track your current grade in math and keep track of any missing assignments. Grades are calculated and weighted using three types of grades:

      Summative Assessments – 50%

      • Individual Tests (cumulative) – one per chapter
      • Each individual test will be composed of approximately 40% new material and 60% review material.
      • If you are absent, you are expected to make it up the day you return to school unless previous arrangements have already been made.
      • Tests will have an online and a written component.

      Participation and Assessments with Resources– 15%

      • Team Reviews (cumulative) –one per chapter (approximately one week before individual test)
      • If you are absent from a group review, you will do the review individually with your book and notes as a resource, unless other arrangements have been made.
      • Participation quizzes
      • Team presentations

      Formative Assessment (homework, classwork, checkpoints, quick checks) – 35%

      • Some assignments will be collected and checked for completion.
      • Some assignments will be collected and checked for quality.
      • Late work is accepted one day late, but will not be given full credit. (more details to follow)
      • Quizzes – short assessments composed of new material.


      Extra Help

      Please seek help as soon as you are experiencing difficulty.

    • Your teacher is available during team support and team work time or can work with you to make an appointment.
    • CPM’s website has solutions and hints to many of the homework problems. Use it as a learning tool.
    • Ask a parent or friend – have a buddy you can contact at home with questions.


      Absent Work

      If you are absent, you need to check with me in class or check my webpage.  It is your responsibility to make up that work and turn it in the next day (or however many days you were absent). If you have questions, see a classmate or Mrs. Craven for extra help. J


      Classroom Expectations

    • Be ready to learn when the bell rings or zoom session starts.
    • Be responsible for your own learning.
    • Be patient and respectful of your teacher, classmates and the classroom.
    • Keep all personal electronics put away unless we are using them in class.


      Team Work Rules

    • Only talk about math.
    • Do not talk to other groups.
    • When you are stuck, ask everyone in your group before asking the teacher.
    • Everyone should be working on the same problem at the same time.


      Suggestions for Success

    • Have good attendance.
    • Do homework daily.
    • Work together, learn together.
    • Stay organized.
    • Treat others with respect.
    • We are in this together.  Remember I am here for you!