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    : Reaching for a Brighter Future  - Autism Task Force of Ohio 2004
    Service guidelines for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder/PDD

    The Color of Autism  - Toni Flowers
    Methods to reach and educate children on the autism spectrum

    What is Autism : Autism Society of America An introduction to Autism from diagnosis to intervention. Lists resources.

    :Now What? Collins and Collins The primer for parents, teachers and paraprofessionals that addresses all aspects of the disorder.
    (especially helpful for those that don
    t get it)

    I Have Autism: What
    s That? Doherty, McNally, Sherrard
    A simplistic child-friendly book that address the topics of everyday life for the child with autism.

    utistic Children - Wing,M.D., PhD
    Shows how a child with autism views his world, how to cope with difficult behavioral and emotional problems, education and dealing with the everyday stress.

    Raising a Child With Autism- Richman
    A guide to Applied Behavior Analysis approach to ASD

    - Simpson and Zionts
    Information and resources for professionals and parents with actual case scenarios.

    Siblings of Children With Autism - Harris PhD.
    Provides strategies for dealing with specific issues that are often troublesome for siblings, and how to improve communication within the family.

    Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Quinn and Malone
    Provides stories of everyday events that can be troublesome for the child on the autism spectrum and covers techniques from the ABA, TEACCH and PECS methods.

    Everyday Encounters: How To Succeed And Survive  - Autism Society of Indiana  Pamphlet that outlines common components and solutions

    Autism and Play - Beyer and Gammeltoft 
    Provides precise ideas for the planning of play activities.

    Incorporating Social Goals in the Classroom  - Moyes
    Provides practical, hands on strategies to teach social skills to children with high-functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome.

    Social Awareness Skills for Children
    - Csoti
    Helps children learn how to relate to one and other and behave appropriately and positively in social settings.

    Writing Social Stories  - Carol Gray
    Workbook and video to walk you and your child through the process of writing social stories for themselves.

    Son-Rise The Miracle Continues - Kaufman
    Co-founder and director of the Options Institute, the author describes how his son developed from a lifeless non-communicative child into an active, loving little boy

    Eating An Artichoke - Fling
    Sharing coping and teaching strategies used throughout her the authors life with her son with Asperger: s Syndrome.
    Aspergers Syndrome - Attwood
    Provides description, analysis and guides the reader to effective strategies to provide the most successful environment for the child with Asperger

    Navigating The Social World  -  Jeanette McAffee Curricula designed specifically to teach social/emotional ,abstract thinking, and behavior management skills to individuals with high functioning autism, Aspergers and related disorders.

    Aspergers : What Does It Mean To Me? - Catherine Faherty A workbook explaining self awareness and life lessons to the child or youth with High Functioning Autism or Aspergers.

    Special Diets for Special Kids  - Lisa Lewis Understanding and implementing special diets to aid in the treatment of Autism and related developmental disorders.

    Special Diets for Special Kids Two  - Lisa Lewis  Great tasting recipes and tips for implementing special diets to aid in the treatment of Autism and related developmental disorders 

    Toliet Training for Individuals With Autism and Related Disorders - Maria Wheeler 
    Strategies for toilet training

    Inclusive Programming for Middle School Students With Autism/Aspergers Syndrome Shelia Wagner, M.Ed  Theories and applications of inclusive programming for middle school students.

    Behavioral Intervention for Young Children With Autism - Maurice, Green and Luce Helps parents choose teaching for your child so that meaningful instruction can proceed.

    Autism For Parents and Professionals - Harrington
    Provides practical advice for parents and the professionals that serve children with Autism

    Autism in Adolescents and Adults For Parents and Professionals - Harrington
    As above but geared toward older children and adults


    Guide to Online Schools

    The Misunderstood Child - Silver
    Understanding and coping with your child
    s learning disabilities

    Smart but Feeling Dumb -Levinson
    The challenging new research on dyslexia and how it may help you.

    Keeping A Head In School
    - Levine
    Focuses on learning disorders, attention, memory etc

    A Mind At A Time - Levine
    Shows parents and educators how to identify individual learning patterns to help your child succeed.

    Source For Learning Disabilities - Currie And Wadington
    Descriptions, checklists and interventions

    Learning Disabilities -Information and Resources- Landmark Outreach Program
    A compilation of 28 articles written by respected authors in the field of learning disabilities covering these topics.

    When Your child Has LD- A survival guide for parents -Fischer Ph.D, Cummings,Ed.D
    Gives information and support, such as the 5 types of LD, advocate, coping skills  and how to help your child and yourself when the going gets tough.

    Learning Disabilities A to Z -  Smith Ph.D A parents complete guide to learning disabilities from preschool to adulthood

    Somethings Not Right  - Lelewer An autobiography that shares one familys struggle with learning disabilities

    The Source For Non-Verbal Learning Disorders - Thompson
    A book filled with useful checklists anecdotes, methods and resources.

    Colleges With Programs for Students With Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorders - Sixth Edition 2000


    Answers to Distraction- Hallowell
    The book that answers your questions about ADD

    12 Effective Ways to Help Your ADD/ADHD Child
    - Stevens
    A  guide to controlling attention and hyperactivity using nutrition and other safe, natural methods.

    Parenting the ADD Child – Pentecost

    Practical Strategies for Managing Behavior Problems in Children with ADD and ADHD.

    Power Parenting for Children with ADD/ADHD - Flick, Ph.D
    A comprehensive guide to help your child manage your child’s difficult behaviors and enable her to adjust at home, in school and beyond

    ADD/ADHD Behavior Change Resource Kit-  Flick, Ph.D
    Ready to use strategies & activities for helping children with ADD

    Teenagers With ADD
    - Dendy
    Personal and extensive professional experience in raising teens with ADD/ADHD ad the unique challenges it presents

    Parents Guide to Attention Deficit Disorder :intervention Strategies at Home:
    A collection of articles that provide specific strategies for specific challenges

    Teaching The Tiger- Dornbush and Pruitt
    A handbook for individuals involved in the Education of students with Attention Deficit disorders, Tourette Syndrome or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

    How To Reach and Teach ADD/ADHD Children - Reif
    Practical techniques, strategies and interventions for helping children with attention problems and hyperactivity.

    The CHADD Information and Resource Guide to AD/HD
    - CHADD
    Quoted as being the complete guide to life with ADD/ADHD


    Annals of Dyslexia - The International Dyslexia Association
    An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal published annually, focusing on the understanding, prevention and remediation of written language difficulties.

    The Many Faces of Dyslexia - Byrd Rawson
    Acknowledged as the pioneer in dyslexia, here is a compilation of published papers by the author.

    The Gift of Dyslexia-  Davis   
    Why some of the smartest people can
    t read and how they can learn.

    The International Dyslexia Society Pamphlets:

    Justice for All
    - Laws relating to learning difficulties
    Reading, Writing and Spelling
    - The multi-sensory structured language approach
    The Other Sixteen Hours - The social and emotional Problems of Dyslexia
    Basic Facts About Dyslexia
    - What every layperson ought to know
    Adults With Dyslexia
    - Aspiring and achieving
    Doctors ask Questions About Dyslexia
     - A review of Medical research
    Phonological Awareness - A critical factor in Dyslexia
     - How Students with Dyslexia Can Maximize the Experience

    The Institute for Natural Resources: Nikita B. Katz, M.D., PhD

    Learning Disabilities Other Than Dyslexia -  A clinical primer

    Alternative and Behavioral Treatments of ADHD

    Pharmacological Interventions for Children with ADHD


    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: New Diagnostic Guidelines

    Mental Health:

    Its Nobodys Fault - Kopelwicz
    New hope and help for difficult children

    An Unquiet Mind
    -  Jamison
    A memoir of moods and the madness of untreated manic depression

    Help Me- Im Sad - Fassler and Dumas
    Recognizing, treating and preventing childhood and adolescent depression

     The Bipolar Child - Papolos and Papolos
    The definitive and reassuring guide of childhood
    s most misunderstood disorder

    Mental Health Resources For Families and Teachers

    compiled by Parent Mentors from the State of Ohio includes various articles as well as specific resources

    Managing Crisis and Emergency Situations - Scheifler Weiden and Gever
    Offers a collection of practical tools that can be used to manage crisis and emergency situations

    Augusta Gone -  Martha Todd Dudman  
     The true story of a girl’s struggle with addiction, and a mother who wouldn
    t give up on her.


    Children With Tourette Syndrome -
    A collection of chapters by various physicians and clinicians who specialize in this syndrome on a variety of issues that are prevalent with this disorder

    Children With Facial Difference - Charkins MSW
    A parent
    s guide that provides emotional support as well as medical information.

    Resources For People With Facial Difference
    - A guide provided by the Lets Face It information and support network for people with facial difference, their families, friends and professionals.

    Choices In Deafness - Schwartz
    A parent’s guide to communication options

    Educating Boys With Fragile X  Syndrome-
    A Guide For Parents And Professionals

    A Guide to Communicating with &Educating Children Who Have Deafness or Hearing Impairment : Ohio Coalition for The Education Of Children With Disabilities -
    a guide for parents and teachers with tips to help the educational process and life adjustments

    Children With Visual Impairments - Holbrook
    answers many questions and helps parents feel better equipped to raise their child.

    Caring For Children With Cerebral Palsy- Dormains and Pelligrino
    An interdisciplinary text that is the definitive reference for team-based care of children with CP

    Injured Mind-Shattered Dreams- Miller Rife
    A personal story that hopes to dissolve some of the fear and mystery surrounding traumatic brain injury

    The Parents Guide To Childhood Eating Disorders - Herrin,Ed.D, M.P.H, P.D.
    Spotting early warning signs, normalizing eating and exercise, dealing with school, friends, sports and college and knowing when to seek professional help.

    Children With Epilepsy- A Guide For Parents

    You and Your Brain, A childs Guide - Novartis Pharmaceuticals
    Board book that explains the parts of the brain and what happens during a seizure

    Down Syndrome:

     Babies with Down Syndrome - Stray-Gunderson -
    A new parent
    s guide to give parents everything they need to know about raising their child in an environment of love, pride and achievement.

    Down Syndrome for Parents and Professionals -  Chamberlain and Strode
    Contains goals, objectives/skills to facilitate growth in all areas to help children develop to their maximum potential.

    The Source For Down Syndrome- Chamberlain and Strode
    Written to describe communication development and intervention for the child with Down Syndrome.

    Teaching Reading to Children With Down Syndrome - Oelwein
    A nationally known reading program that ensures success, which can be tailored to meet the needs of each student

    General Developmental Disabilities:

    The Child With Special Needs - Greenspan
    Encourages emotional and intellectual growth using a technique known as floor time

    When Your Child Has A Disability - Batshaw M.D.
    The complete source book of daily and medical care.

    The Special Child - Pueschel, Scola, Weidenman and Bernier
    Information that will answer questions, make informed decisions, and provide optimal care to your child.

    Raising A Child Who Has A Physical Disability - Albrecht
    Compassionate, helpful and based on real life experience, this book will help the parent handle every facet of raising, and loving the special needs child.

    Children With Mental Retardation - Smith, M.A., CCC-SLP
    Everything you need to know about raising your child and meeting the varied medical, therapeutic and educational needs.

     Educational Support:

    Wrights Law: From Emotions to Advocacy - Pam and Pete Wright
    Provides practical guidance that will empower parents with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge for successfully advocating in their child
    s behalf.

    Special Education Dictionary - Comprehensive, cross references and easy to understand.

    Education Rights of Children With Disabilities-Ordover
    A basic legal reference designed to assist parents, students, and their advocates in securing rights guaranteed by IDEA, Section 504 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

    Educational Care - Levine
    A model based on clinical, educational and research experience that favors informed observation and description over labeling.

    Ohio Educational Directory
    Lists names and addresses of State of Ohio Department of Education personnel as well as every school in each district in the state.

    Parents Complete Special Education Guide- Pierangelo and Jacoby
    Tips, techniques and materials for helping your child succeed in school and life

    Negotiating the Special Education Maze - Anderson, Chitwood and Hayde
    A guide for parents and teachers to understand the special education system

    Adapting Curriculum & Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms-A Teachers Desk Reference Deschenes, Ebeling, and Sprague
    Answers questions and provides samples

    How To Reach and Teach All Students In The Inclusive Classroom - Reif and Heimburge Ready-to-use strategies, lessons, and activities doe teaching students with diverse learning needs.

    Community Recreation For People With Disabilities- Schleien , Ray and Green
    Provides strategies for inclusion

    How To Be A Para pro - Twachtman-Cullen
    A comprehensive training manual for paraprofessionals

    Assistive Technology- Flippo, Inge and Barcus
    How to apply AT to access more general areas of a disabled person
    s environment

    Brain Gym - Dennison
    Uses Edu-kinesthetics( simple movements) to enhance a child
    s whole brain learning

    Brain Gym - Dennison Teachers Edition

    Academic Content Standards
    - Mathematics k-12

    Academic Content Standards English Language Arts - K-12

    Wrightslaw: Special Education Law,  by Pete and Pam Wright
    Includes text and key laws and regulations including IDEA of 1997, Section 504, Family
    Education Records and Privacy Act, US Supreme Court Decisions, and analysis and interpretation.

    Why Johnny Doesnt Behave: Twenty Tips and Measurable BIPs - Barbara Bateman  and Annemikae Golly
    Provides twenty tips for teachers that will minimize and greatly reduce student problem behaviors. Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plans are discussed.

    Writing Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives  - Barbara Bateman and Cynthia M. Herr This book proposes a way to prepare the heart and soul of , the nitty-gritty, the critical parts of the IEP in a simple, clear, useful, economical, worthwhile,common sense, legal, correct and revolutionary way.

    Difficult Conversations -  Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton ad Shelia Heen
    This book explores what it is that makes conversations difficult, why we avoid them and why we often handle them badly. Provides tools to help you enhance communications that will open doors to greater fulfillment in any relationships

    Early Childhood:

    How To Teach Your Baby To Be Physically Superb-  Doman
    The authors present an intriguing and scientifically sound concept of brain functioning and physiology, and how by integrating physical activity, the processes of brain growth and neurological organization can be profoundly affected.

    The New Language of Toys - teaching communication skills to children with special needs  - Schwarz and Miller
    Provides information on how play activities affect a child's language development, and when to get the toys and materials to use in these activities.

    The Step Handbook - The Parents Handbook
     Systematic Training  for Effective Parenting   An easy-to read guide with practical ideas that will help parents raise a confident and responsible child.

    Early Listening Skills - Williams
    Designed for professionals who are working with children  who have underdeveloped listening skills associated with language delay, hearing loss or other communication difficulty.

    Emotional Support:

    If Youve Ever Wanted To Crawl in the Closet With an Oreo - Tips for parenting a child with special needs  Downey
    The  perfect book for the parent with major challenges, but with little time or energy to read a bigger book.  Practical with a twist of humor.

    Special Parent; Special Child-  Sullivan
    Parents of children with disabilities share their trials, triumphs and hard-won wisdom.

    Youll Dream New Dreams -  Klein and Schive
    Inspiring personal stories by parents of children with disabilities


    How To Develop Self-Esteem In Your Child: 6 Vital Ingreidients  
    Youngs, PhD, Ed.D  A great tool that provides insights and strategies to help your child develop positive self-esteem

    How To Deal With Parents Who Are Angry, Troubled or Just Plain Crazy - McEwan
    Provides suggestions for handling disgruntled parents diplomatically, and helps you develop the skills to disarm emotionally charged behavior.

    Parents On The Spot - what to do when your kids put you there - Craig
    This is a lively troubleshooting guide that lets you take decisive action to solve the crises of everyday family life.

    Delicate Threads - friendships between children with and with out special needs in inclusive settings - Staub, Ph.D
    How the relationships develop, how they compare with relationships between typical peers, and what happens over time

    Social Skills and Behavior:

    Raise Your Child's Social IQ - Cathi Cohen
    Stepping Stones Program to help develop people skills for kids

    Good Friends Are Hard To Find - Fred Frankel
    Helping children find, make and keep friends

    The Social Skills Picture Book - Jed Baker
    Teaching play, emotion, and communication to children through use of pictures

    Honorable Intentions - Pacer Center Inc., 2003
    A parent
    s guide to educational planning for children with emotional or behavior disorders.

    Videos/DVD’s/ CD’s:
    Standards and Inclusion: Can We Have Both?
    Learn how the different learning needs of all students are being met in the general curriculum setting. 

    Successful Schools How to raise achievement and support at risk students.

    Successful Classrooms - Effective teaching strategies for raising achievement in reading and writing.

    How To Help Your Child Succeed In School - Strategies and guidance for parents of children with ADHD and Learning Disabilities.

    Maxs World: A story of a boy with ADHD. A story of success.

    ADHD: Inclusive instruction and collaboration for elementary and middle school classrooms.

    How Difficult Can This Be? The F.A.T. City Workshop - presented by Richard D. Lavolie Understanding learning disabilities

    When Your Child Has A Mental Illness   Hope and help for families

    s Story: A Childs Perspective on Childhood Depression

    Depression and Other Mental Illnesses: A Professional and Personal Point of View
    November1, 2000  Dr. David Rue and Claire Frese

    Educating and Nurturing the Bipolar Child -  Janice Papolos
    A DVD that provides cutting edge information and powerful strategies for teachers and parents to enhance

    Alternative Therapies - Homeopathic Interventions and Sensory Integration

    Brain Functioning and Learning Differences  presentation from 10-4-01
    Dr. Tim Lillie

    Autism: Being Friends

    Stop and Go Ahead With Success - an integrated approach to helping children develop social    

    Parenting the Exceptional Child: Understanding the needs of children with diverse abilities

    Dreams Spoken Here: Oral deaf education

    Primetime Live: 11/30/00 - Teen follow up

    ABC News 20/20  Before Its Too Late -  10-07-98

    The IEP: A Tool for Realizing Possibilities - PEAK Parent Center, Colorado

    Its All Part of the Job - Social Skills for success at work

    Community Based Vocational Training Program - Q&A With Parents & Businesses

    Were People First- A Celebration in Diversity -  workbook and CD – Jeff Moyer
    A blind musician who encourages disability awareness and acceptance

    How Big is Your Circle? - Jeff Moyer Choral and String arrangements