Degrees and Certifications:

Kristin Seredick


 Teaching Philosophy

To learn, according to the Webster Dictionary, means “to gain knowledge, understanding, or skill by study or experience”.

My role as a teacher is to facilitate learning. This involves creating the conditions necessary for learning to take place. I believe in student participation in their own learning and I utilize teaching techniques which tap into the experience of the students.

Certain teacher characteristics and attitudes also impact on learning. These include openness, honesty and the ability to create and maintain trust. These characteristics contribute to creating a good learning environment. I believe that the ability to create a passion for the subject matter is also important. Creating relevance and practical examples and enabling students to use their own experience contribute to this generation of passion and interest in the subject.

Evaluation of learning is an ongoing process. Feedback is paramount to learning and should be detailed enough for the students to understand how they can improve - it contains some elements of appropriate positive reinforcement of learning.

I think learning is an adventure and a lifelong process. I will lead by example and seize each day to learn something new.