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    Students, we expect you to:
    • read as much as you can, as joyfully as you can.
    • read at home for at least 20 minutes a day, most days of the week.
    • try books, authors, subjects, and genres that matter to you, your life, who you are now, and who you may become. Expand your knowledge, your experience, and your appreciation of literature.

    Choose what to read by:

    • listening to “book buzz”; talking to friends, teachers, librarians; checking web sites (Amazon).
    • using the rule of thumb for unknown words.
    • considering three main categories of book levels:
      • Holidays - easy first reads or rereads
      • Challenges - will require some adult assistance
      • Just Rights - new books that help a reader practice and gain experience

       *Know that you can always abandon a book!*

    You can read more by “sneaking in reading”. This means

    • “sneaking” reading minutes during wait times (orthodontist’s office, sibling’s soccer game, shopping with mom, hair salon)
    • asking yourself, “What can I change to carve out time for independent reading?” 

    Where to get reading materials:

    • Classroom library 
    1. Sign out the book and return it in a timely manner.
    2. Use a bookmark—don’t bend the pages.
    3. Keep your book away from liquids, pets, small siblings, and writing utensils.
    4. Carefully slide your book into your backpack or locker.
    5. Report any damage to the teacher.

    • School library and local library (Request books over the Internet. Let us show you how!)

    Why reading is essential:

    • Research shows that the highest achieving students are those who devote time to reading outside of the school day.
    • Reading helps students become smarter about the world and how it works.
    • As you read, you broaden your vocabulary and become better readers—faster, more fluent, and more engaged.
    • Reading leads you to stretch your imaginations, to escape to other lives, times, and places.
    • Through reading, you become citizens of the world, knowledgeable about and compassionate toward the range of human experience.
    By encouraging you to read now, we hope you become lifelong readers who enjoy the joys of reading for years to come!