• Here are some links to and descriptions of some websites you may find helpful this year.
    This is the home website for the curriculum we are using in both the Honors Geometry class and the Algebra 1 class.  There are links on the left side of the opening page that can lead you to extra practice, the online parent guide, and other resources connected to our books.
     This is where you can find help on your Algebra or Geometry homework.  Be sure to select the Core Connections Algebra or Geometry books (top row).  Not all answers are there.  Use this site for guided help or to check your work.
    This is the page that has a link to Resource Pages, Parent Guide, Homework Help and eTools/Videos.  
    This is a great site for all kinds of academic help.  This site includes videos of different Algebra and Geometry, as well as layered practice problems.
    This site has a multitude of free worksheets on the topics of Geometry and Algebra 1 (as well as other levels of math).
    This site provides access for a full graphing calculator. 
    A great resource for parents and students (and teachers) out of Stanford University.   (This is the site we used the fist week of school.)