• Capitalization

    1.  Capitalize the first word in every sentence. 

    2.  Capitalize proper nouns including:

    • Names of people (including the pronoun I)
    • Days of the week, months, holidays (but not seasons)
    • Time periods, events in history (Middle Ages, Battle of Bunker Hill)
    • Official Documents (Declaration of Independence)
    • Special Events (Hudson Spring Gala Dance, Boo at the Zoo)
    • Languages, nationalities, religions (French, Canadian, Catholicism)
    • Organizations, teams, schools, companies, official product names (Oscar Mayar hot dogs, Honda Accord, East Woods School, Cleveland Indians)
    • Official titles used before or in place of a name (but not when used as a common noun—Mayor John Krumm, Principal Wilch, Aunt Joyce, her mom, a grandma’s role)
    • Geographical names including planets, continents, countries, states, provinces, cities, streets, landforms, bodies of water, buildings, monuments, public areas (Jupiter, the Milky Way, Australia, Ireland, Ohio, Utah, Hudson, the Rocky Mountains, Pumpkin Creek, Sequoia National Park)  
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