• Hello Math 7 Students!  I am so excited to be your math teacher this school year.  Please make sure you bring all your supplies to class every day:

    • One 2-pocket prong folder
    • Graphing Notebook
    • CC2 eBook (or Textbook)
    • TI-34 Multiview Calculator
    • iPad
    • Pencil & Pen
     Please click the link at left for the Math 7 Homework Procedures and Expectations and Syllabus.
    MATH Expectations:  
    • I believe in you and expect you to achieve at high levels.
    • I love mistakes.  Every time you make a mistake, your brain grows.
    • Failure and struggle are the most important parts of math and learning.
    • I do not value speed; I value working in depth and using multiple strategies.
    • I love questions! Math is about learning, not performing.  It takes time to learn and is all about effort.
  • Need Extra Help?  

    Email Mrs. G, use the Homework Help in your eBook, reac over your math notes, or click on the Parent Guide!