Here is some great information about what some American educators are doing with their children and nature based learning. 
    One of my most favorite site to send parents to for tips on helping young readers. There is so much information that can be found on this website. So sit back and get ready for the plethora of information found on this website!
    Early literacy development at its finest.This site has games that span letter recognition, to full out reading. This site is so great that I am sure you have already found it on your own. Find all types of games to help boost your child's love for reading!
    Want that book on your I-pad or mobile device? Don't want to buy it, but rather borrow it like you do a regular book from the library? Well look no further because this site will take you to Ohio's Digital Library. You just need a library card to get started. 
    Remember Reading Rainbow? This site is like a read aloud online. Books are read by charismatic people that help bring life to stories!