Foundations of Physical Education

  • Foundations of Physical Education:

    All Physical Education courses at Hudson High School require that students be actively engaged on a daily basis.  Students are required to dress for class and participate to the best of their ability each day.  Parent notes will be accepted if your child is ill or injured (limited to 3 days). Students will still change into PE clothes and will participate in a very limited capacity (umpire, referee, scorekeeper, etc.).  If a student will be unable to participate for 4 days or longer, please bring in a note from a medical professional (family doctor, school nurse, athletic trainer, etc). Please remember that the state of Ohio requires students to meet a specific number of activity hours in order to receive credit for Physical Education.  If a student falls below those hours due to numerous absences or notes requesting no physical participation, the student could lose credit for this course. We will do our best to help you be successful in our courses.  Please read the following attachments so you have a better understanding of our rules & policies.