• Physical Education Lessons/Units
       Units will be approximately 8-12 days in duration.  Students will be assessed throughout each unit on components of  skill, strategy, teamwork, and work rate of the activity.  Units will be composed of skill work, lead-up games, small-sided games, and full games.  Warm-ups will be specific to the unit we are working on.  Warm-ups will emphasize muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and cardio-respiratory endurance.  Each unit will conclude with an end of unit test.  Below is a list of activities we will be doing in class this year.  We will also participate in activities not on the list that are of high interest to each class.
    Unit 1 - Basketball
    Unit 2 - Volleyball
    Unit 3 - Team Handball/Ultimate Frisbee/Fast Break Football
    Unit 4 - Softball
    Unit 5 - Badminton
    Unit 6 - Archery