•  COURSE SYLLABUS-SPANISH I - Novice Mid Proficiency Level

    This course begins your Spanish language acquisition through reading, listening, viewing, speaking, and writing.

    This course has been designed using - Ohio Department of Education, Ohio’s Learning Standards for World Languages and other accompanying resources.


    REQUIRED MATERIALS: General & World Language Items

    General Items

    • Notebook Paper to place in a folder (college or wide-rule, your choice)
    • #2 Pencils (sharpened)
    • Blue or Black Pens (may be erasable)
    • Highlighters (assorted 6 pack)
    • Headphones 

    World Language Items

    • (1) 2-pocket folder with prongs or (1) 1", 3 prong binder (your choice)
    • Bring general items to our class daily, especially your headphones!!!!


    PERSONAL COMMUNICATION DEVICES i.e. cell phones, watches etc.  (see p.17-19 in the HMS Student Handbook):

    Personal Communication Devices Board Policy: 5136

    Cell Phone Use by HMS Students

    • Students are permitted to access their phones during Non-Instructional Time: (before/after school and during passing periods) 
    • Students are not permitted to use cell phones during team support and studyhall, because 1:1 technology is available for all students.
    • Students are not permitted to utilize phones during lunch.
    • In addition, as stated in our Board of Education policy, taking photos and / or videos of students and staff is not permitted.



    • It is your responsibility to check your grade on a regular basis. For example, once a week.  If the grade is a C, you need to make arrangements immediately to meet with me and discuss your course of action to improve your understanding of the material.


    STUDENT EVALUATION:  Your grade will be broken down as follows:

    • 20% for formative assessments. These are the assessments we will do as you are learning the material. They are a check for student and teacher to see how you are understanding/learning the new concepts. They include homework, classroom work, partner work, and some preliminary quizzes.
    • 80% for summative assessments. These are the assessments we will use to show your mastery of the material. They will be used to show what you can do with what you have learned. Summative assessments include interpersonal speaking assessments, oral presentations, written presentations, interpretive reading/viewing/listening assessments, projects, and IPAs.
      • IPAs: these are the assessments at the end of a chapter/unit which will have the following components: listening or reading comprehension, speaking, and writing.



    • Studying vocabulary and new grammar in the Spanish class is a must for success. You need to plan on a minimum of 15 minutes a day to study vocabulary and grammar in addition to any other homework assigned.


    • QUIZLET SETS & ACTIVITIES are assigned at the beginning of the week, and are due at the end of the week.
      • Students login to their Quizlet account using the Safari browser.
      • Students can monitor the activities that they've completed on their Quizlet Account. The teacher can see this progress on the Teacher Dashboard. 
        • Points are earned for each completed activity. 
        • If a student is in doubt about whether the teacher can see their progress, they should take a screen shot of their progress and upload it to the assignment in Google Classroom.
    • STUDYSPANISH.COM pronunciation activities are assigned weekly/biweekly for pronunciation practice.
      • Students screen record themselves repeating after the presenter.
        • Points are earned for completing the assigned tasks.
    • EDPUZZLE VIDEOS are assigned throughout a chapter for listening/viewing comprehension.
      • Students watch videos, read through teacher's notes, answer comprehension and/or multiple-choice questions.
        • Points are earned for completing each video on time.



    • Homework and any other assignments must be handed in on the due date. Since we generally go over homework in class, homework will not be accepted late.
    • You are responsible for missed homework and any other work done in the class when you are absent.
      • Check the Spanish I Google Calendar and Google Classroom
    • Projects and other non-homework assignments with a specific due date will be accepted a maximum of three days late with a letter grade reduction applied to each late day.
    • Student absences will follow the homework guidelines in the HMS Student Handbook p.33 i.e. It is each student's responsibility to meet with the teacher to obtain missed assignments and to determine when the makeup work is due.



    Please note that the use of Google Translator or any other translating service is considered cheating, as well as the copying of homework, tests, quizzes, or projects. See p. 13-14 of HMS Student Handbook.