•        Personally I am a strong believer that a person should try to use as many senses as possible in order to learn something. The one thing  you do not want to do is cancel out a particular sense. For example, watching tv while studying will not work. The reason being the TV is distracting you visually and you should be using your eyes in order to read or look at your notes about a topic. This also means you should not keep texting someone when you are studying because again you are distracting your sense of sight by continuously looking away thus disturbing what your brain is trying to register.

           Now there is nothing wrong with listening to music while trying to study. Listening to music will allow you to use your sense of hearing to combine with your sense of sight to learn something. Since most of you know how to make a playlist in Itunes or for your Ipod/ MP3 player I suggest you do the following:

           Divide what we have been studying during a unit into 3 or 4 subtopics. Then make a playlist for each. When you pick your music for your various playlists you need to vary it up plus you only want to make a playlist that is only 20-25 minutes for each topic if not shorter. You may want to have a rock playlist for one category/topic you are studying and then maybe a country playlist for the next category/topic you are studying and so on.

           Now one very important thing to remember, when you are done studying with one playlist/topic you need to get up and do something, like get a drink, a snack, or something. You need a break to allow your brain to register what it just went through and give it a break before you go onto your next category/topic that you are going to study.

    And no I will not let you listen to your ipod/mp3 player during tests,etc. I think you know why. We will talk more about this in class.