40 Book Challenge - We <3 Books!

  • I here by challenge you to see how many books you can read this year!  Certain requirements must be met for books to qualify for the 40 Book Challenge - see information sheet to the right.  In addition, my own "genre" of "classic" books is included.  For this assignment a "classic" is ANY book published at least 25 years ago, which is at an appropriately challenging reading level for you.  To help you come up with some options I have created a suggestions list, also at the right.  Please do not limit yourself to only these titles however. 



    Record sheets will be handed out in class or you may record your reading in the assignment on Google Classroom.  Students are expected to sign up to discuss what they have been reading at least once a month with Miss Komar.  Sign-ups are on the chalkboard by the daily schedule. 



    Once you reach 40 books, your picture will be taken for the hall and you can then earn medallions showing how many books past 50 you have read.