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Board of Education Presentations

During the September 28, 2023 Board of Education meeting, I presented an academic update that included the state of Ohio’s Local Report Card which reports various data sets from the 2023 school year. These data are from the Ohio State Tests, End of Course Exams,  and other state and federal mandated assessment requirements.  All of the data sets can be accessed on the Ohio Department of Education's website: 

We are extremely proud of our students, the teachers, staff, parents, and the community for their commitment to learning and to our school culture and positive learning environment. It is important to review the student achievement and growth data. The school and teaching teams have already been delving into the information and to reflect on student learning, instructional practices, and resources. This school district has never rested on its laurels.  It is important to move forward with a continuous improvement lens and the Hudson Schools will continue this practice. 

The K-5 literacy data (DIBELS now Acadience) included in the presentation are the "beginning of the year diagnostic" assessments. The purpose of the assessments is to "diagnose" student's needs and to design instruction based on their needs. The composite scores are included in the presentation. However, the individual component scores are not displayed. Our literacy plan included adding Fundations as part of every K-1-2 classroom.  Professional development was provided during the summer of 2023.  Pacing guides (what to teach and when) were revised and vocabulary resources were added to grades 3, 4, and 5. The district will continue to review and analyze assessment scores and design intervention and enrichment.  

Academic Update-Board of Education September 28, 2023

While I have added links to reference the data, if you have any questions regarding the presentation, please contact me at 330-653-1217 or

There is so much to celebrate in Hudson Schools and I am proud to be part of such an outstanding school district!  



Doreen Osmun