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Library Program Philosophy


As future ready library media specialists, the Hudson Library Media Program is designed to lead, teach, and support Hudson students and staff in reaching future ready goals.

Future ready librarians

The school library media program connects students and educators to a global learning community by:


  • Planning and implementing research-based personalized learning to ensure students graduate ready to utilize their talents and pursue their dreams after high school.

  • Providing access to resources that promote creative expression and support student interest, whether it is literature, video creation, 3D printing, academic research, virtual and augmented reality, robotics and more.

  • Embracing the forward-thinking instructional pedagogy that empowers students to explore, design and create.


The goals of the school library media program are to:

  • Foster a love of reading and lifelong learning.  

  • Support curriculum and provide materials on all levels, for all subjects and interests of students, teachers, and administrators.

  • Guide teachers and students in study skills, research, and the use of instructional technology to foster creativity, collaboration, and communication skills.

  • Provide multi-format material, such as books, video, periodicals, pictures, software, and other resources as well as audiovisual equipment for using these materials.

  • Include creation and production facilities for use by students and teachers.

  • Encourage students to develop critical thinking and to promote continuing educational and cultural growth in an inviting atmosphere.

  • Ensure data safety and privacy while promoting best practices in digital citizenship.

  • Equip students to be lifelong learners with strong connections to their local and global communities.

  • Promote empathy and social-emotional wellness in an environment where all are welcome.


DEI Goal


The library media program is truly the heart of learning in our schools.