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Mental Health and Wellness

When our students feel safe and included, they are able to learn…

School-based mental health and wellness initiatives are key to ensuring students are in school, healthy, ready to learn and prepared for success. Mental health includes both the absence of illness and the presence of high levels of wellbeing. Wellbeing includes having positive emotions, feeling fulfillment, contributing to the community and being able to cope with daily life stressors. Schools are a safe, accessible space for students to receive mental health services. School-based initiatives emphasize student and family voice and involvement through the processes. (Ohio Department of Education & Workforce, 2023) 



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Crisis Lines

National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline:

Call or Text 988 

Summit ADM Board Mental Health Hotline:


Crisis Text Line:

Text "HOME" to 741741

Crisis Line at Child Guidance and Family Solutions:


Mobile Response and Stabilization Services (MRSS)

1-888-418-MRSS (6777)

Mobile Response and Stabilization Services

Families with youth and young adults up to age 21 who are experiencing difficulties or distress can receive assistance within 60 minutes after contacting MRSS. You may also receive up to 42 days of intensive, in-home services and linkage to on-going supports.

Services provided by the MRSS team may include: safety assessments, de-escalation, peer support, and skill building, among others. Access to MRSS is available 24 hours per day, seven day a week. You make the call, together we respond.

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Community of Care Programming

2023-2024 Community of Care Programming Guide

Community of Care Programming is organized by Hudson Community First, a local nonprofit organization that promotes positive youth development and seeks to unite individuals, organizations and our schools in an effort to nurture competent, caring and responsible children and adolescents. (

Community of Care Programming is designed to increase awareness of and help parents and community navigate the stresses and challenges faced by today's youth.

**The information on this page is provided as a courtesy for students, parents, and staff members to easily access some general resources available for assistance outside of school. These resources are not affiliated with Hudson City Schools, and are listed for use at your discretion.**