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School Health Services

Akron Children's Hospital School Health Services Mission:  

Akron Children’s Hospital School Health Services is dedicated to supporting the academic success of children and youth through health promotion, education and child advocacy. School Health Services nursing staff are an extension of Akron Children’s Hospital in the school community. We promote and advocate for student health and wellness in school. We help manage patient populations and individual student health needs in the school setting.

What is the role of a School Nurse? 

School nursing, a specialized practice of nursing, protects and promotes student health, facilitates optimal development, and advances academic success. In partnership with Akron Children's Hospital, our school nurse provides care coordination, advocacy for quality student-centered care, and collaboration in designing systems that allow individuals to develop their full potential. (adopted from National Association of School Nurses, 2017). 

District Clinical Coordinator 

Kate Mirth, BSN, RN, LSN, NCSN

O: 330-653-1415

C: 330-801-7229

Email Kate Mirth (HCSD)

Email Kate Mirth (ACH)

H: 8:00A - 4:00P

McDowell Early Learning 

Polly Wood, MA

O: 330-653-1246 (ask for Clinic)

Email McDowell Clinic

H: 8:45A - 3:45P

Ellsworth Hill Elementary 

Jackie Pawelec, MA

O: 330-653-1237

Email Ellsworth Clinic

H: 8:45A - 3:45P

East Woods Intermediate

Shannon Peelman, LPN

O: 660-653-1256 (ask for Clinic)

Email East Woods Clinic

H: 8:45A-3:45P 

Hudson Middle School

Rebecca Buyanski, RN 

O: 330-653-1314

Email Middle School Clinic

H: 7:30A - 3:00P

Hudson High School

Jillian Perini, RN

O: 330-653-1462

Email High School Clinic

H: 7:45A - 3:15P