• Welcome to Hudson Middle School Choir!

    Hudson Choir
    8th Grade Choir

                                          8th Grade Choir Performance at the Akron Children's Hospital Holiday Tree Festival

            What are we learning? 

                                                       The overall goal of the Hudson Middle School Choral program is three-fold:
                                                                                 * to develop proper singing technique and skill 
                                                                                 * to learn musicianship
                                                                                 * to cultivate a life-long love for singing
    These are the building blocks for all activities in the classroom.
    Students learn proper singing posture, breathing technique, and are guided in how to produce a healthy choral tone. Exercises are administered to  develop an open choral tone and to introduce the concept of unified vowels. It is stressed that proper breathing technique and the ability to train the listening ear are extremely important in being a successful member of the choral ensemble.