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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Davies

Hello and welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! This year promises to be the best in every way possible, with many opportunities to learn and grow together.

I have been teaching at Hudson High School since 2015 and love teaching in this wonderful district.  Despite the many challenges facing education and the world-at large, I am able to live out all of the reasons that enticed me into education in the first place. When I give praise or feedback to students, I routinely hear "you're just saying that because you have to say that, you're my teacher". But that perception couldn't be farther from the truth. I genuinely care and want all of my students to feel encouraged, supported and better prepared to experience success for themselves. Student connections are critical to accomplishing this, and the climate throughout Hudson High School is all about connecting with students- whether in person or remotely. Whether it's listening to their understanding of a concept, providing constructive feedback, teaching through modeling a scenario, or inspiring critical thought, I am at my best when I can foster a genuine connection through the content I am teaching. This year I will be teaching English 9 during 3rd period, co-teaching English 11 with Mr. Dana Keller during periods 2 and 10, and providing study and organization skills support in Study Strategies during periods 1 and 9. I post all of my syllabi, calendars, weekly agendas, and activities / assignments in Google Classroom so that students (and parents) always have convenient access.

Teaching is my profession, but at the end of the school day I do go home! Here is a little bit more about my personal life: I have been an Ohio resident my entire life. Growing up in northeast Ohio has given me a love for lake-enhanced weather (especially in the winter) and a high patience level for road construction. I have a tremendous appreciation for humor and not only enjoy a good laugh, but love to bring laughter to others. Within the classroom, humor has been a great tool for me in diffusing stressful situations as well as providing opportunities to respectfully model that everyone makes mistakes and it's okay to laugh at yourself. I am passionate about my family! My wife and I have been married for almost two decades and have been blessed with 4 kids. My oldest child is in his sophomore year of college! My other children are spread across high school (a senior with a bad case of senioritis) and middle school (8th and 6th). My family is very active at our church, serving in the children's and adult ministries, as well as church leadership. 

 My Educational Background:

I graduated from Euclid Senior High School in 1998. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Education from Cedarville University in 2002. I earned my Intervention Specialist license from Notre Dame College in 2007. In 2013, I completed my Master of Education degree from Liberty University. I regularly participate in post-graduate professional development that aligns with my content area and educational objectives.