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                                                           HMS Magazine and Cookie Dough Sale FAQs

    ·        What are the donations and profits from the sale used for?  Your participation supports programs and projects benefitting all of the students at Hudson Middle School. These include: team activities, team lunches, field trips, student awards, professional development geared toward student learning, and instructional activities and materials.  We are so appreciative of your continued support!

    ·        Can I make a tax deductible donation rather than selling/purchasing items?  Absolutely.  We sincerely appreciate your support of our school.  Donation checks can simply be made out to Hudson City School District with Hudson Middle School and/or your student name listed in the memo line.  100% of your donation will go toward Hudson Middle School.

    ·        Are students missing academic time for this sale?  For all aspects of the sale, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of our instructional periods so that students’ academic time is a priority.  We carefully schedule events to minimize the amount of time that students are missing instruction.  For example, students who earn a trip to Pulp typically attend the trip during a lunch period and/or a team support period. Students who earn the BMX show attend during FOCUS and a small amount of time from 8th period.  The trip to SkyZone is purposefully scheduled on a non-school day, and the sale’s instructional assembly itself is scheduled so that students miss only a few minutes from each of their core classes.

    ·        What if I already subscribe to all the magazines I want to receive? Renewals help HMS!  The magazine focus of our instructional assembly was on renewals. We shared that an easy way to help our school is to ask family and friends to renew any current magazine subscriptions through our program.  Students were encouraged to use this approach as a mutually beneficial method: it is a magazine the purchaser already enjoys, and the renewal through our program supports HMS! 

    ·        How can a student sell enough items without marketing door-to-door?  We carefully instructed students to not sell items door-to-door, but shared that the use of social media, with parental guidance, is one avenue to reach out to a number of family and friends. 

    ·        I have questions regarding my magazine order, who should I contact? Please contact Great American Opportunities Customer Service @ 877-289-6247, Monday – Friday 9:00am-6:00pm.


                            Thank you again for your continued support for Hudson Middle School!

     We sincerely value your partnership!