It is the mission of the Athletic Development program at Hudson HS to provide scientifically backed professional training for ALL student athletes. Our program is designed to enhance the athletes abilities in all areas of athletics, including mental and physical development. The end goal is to assist our athletes in optimizing their athletic performance as they compete at the highest level, while minimizing the risk and severity of injury. Together with our Sports Medicine program we strive to provide the best possible performance training and healthcare.


    The philosophy of Hudson Strength and our Athletic Development program (HAD) is to build athletes that possess strength, power, endurance, speed,agility and quickness, mobility, work capacity, overall fitness and character.  Our program is designed around a few critical components, referred to as ANCHORS:
    1.  Do No Harm
    2.  Move Efficiently and Better
    3.  Get Stronger; Mentally and Physically
    4.  Improve Athleticism and Performance
    5.  Prepare for Next Level / Life
       Aspects of Hudson Strength and Athletic Development:
         -  Ground Based, Multi-Joint Movements
         -  Training Movements Over Isolation of Muscles
         -  Body Awareness and Control
         -  Professionally Designed Training Programs and Periodization
         -  Systematic Progression of Movement Type, Volume, and Intensity
         -  Proper Recovery Strategies; Nutrition and Sleep
         -  Mental Toughness
         -  Safe Training Environment
         -  Build Excitement and Have Fun
Hudson Strength