• Welcome to 7 Adventurer Social Studies!

    In seventh grade we spend our time focusing on ancient civilizations. We will cover Greece, Rome, the Age of Exploration, and lots of topics in between. I welcome and encourage parents and students view our team website and to explore my virtual classroom, linked here and included as an additional page on this website, to best set yourself up for social studies success this school year.


    10 Things to Know: (*links to marked items can be found via my virtual classroom)

    1. We use the TCi textbook, accessible online here.*

    2. The social studies calendar is VERY helpful, add it to your calendar. *

    3. Check Google Classroom for assignments and due dates. *

    4. Come to class with a charged iPad and a good attitude. Choosing to be positive can go a very long way! 

    5. Know your GRAPES! This is a great way to review your knowledge of a unit.*

    6. Talk to me or email me if you have questions or concerns. *

    7. Have your notebook and be prepared to take notes...handwritten ones! Note-taking is a skill and we'll practice it!

    8. Use your class time wisely, usually, the amount of homework you have is dependent on how you choose to use your worktime in class.

    9. Practicing good school/study habits now will set you up for success in the future. This includes: preparing and planning (using your calendar, reminders, etc.), studying throughout the unit, taking good notes (you don't have to write EVERYTHING down), having a good attitude, and making use of the tools provided. 

    10. Have fun! History answers so many questions while leading us to ask so many more, it is series of stories that tell the tales of some of the most EPIC events that ever occurred. It's pretty cool when you think about it!


    Our Human HeritageA survey of human history from 750 BCE - 1700 CE


    ·Ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the feudal systems of Europe and Japan, the early & late middle ages, the West African kingdoms of Ghana, Mali and Songhai, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Scientific Revolution and the Age of Exploration (the First Global Age) are all part of our studies.

    ·Social studies skills and methods, geography, and current events are integrated throughout the year.

    ·We also learn and practice strategies for content-area reading and writing as well as study skills including note-taking, test preparation, and long & short-term project planning.


    1. Model and practice social science methods through problem-based learning and inquiry

    2. Provide opportunities for students to enjoy reading and learning about historic people & places while covering Ohio’s Social Studies Learning Standards:


    3. Facilitate the development of students’ research and 21st century skills

    4. Encourage awareness of the world around us

    5. Connect current events and modern culture to history

    6.  Promote independent, active learning and the acquisition of study skills