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  • Welcome! This year, in 7th Grade Language Arts, we will work together to help enhance your Language Arts skills and experience.  Together, we will NAVIGATE the world of writing and reading while honing our skills in grammar, writing, reading comprehension and speaking and listening while working collaboratively and individually. Our journey will be one that is EXPLORED together as a TEAM while we get to know each other this year.

    My philosophy of teaching is to push students to reach their own potential and help them find solutions to problems rather than just sending information on a "One-Way" street from teacher to student.  I ask questions about their questions and encourage them to probe deeper into understanding through discussion. I do this with a smile while providing a safe learning environment that meets the needs of all learners who walk through my door.  I believe in reading for pleasure and will try to help students find books that foster their love for reading.  Challenge comes in much more than how many worksheets you can complete in a given week--My goal is to push students to learn for learning's sake, a concept that is often lost in our current age of test scores and looking at children as data rather than children.  It is my hope you enjoy Language Arts this year and can grow with me.