Option 2: Virtual Learning Program 100% Online at Home

Virtual Learning Program: 100% Online at Home

  • Each student choosing Option 2 - 100% Virtual Learning Program will remain enrolled in Hudson City Schools. Families must commit to at least the 1st Semester (6-12) and 1st Trimester (K-5) for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Students will not come to a school building for instruction and will not be in the same classes or have the same teachers as students attending school in person.


    Families choosing for their child(ren) to remain at home to receive 100% full-time virtual learning will receive online instruction from a certified Hudson elementary school teacher using synchronous and asynchronous methods. Online instruction will utilize the same curriculum and match the weekly pacing of in-person instruction in the school building.


    Families choosing for their child(ren) to remain at home to receive 100% full-time virtual learning will be able to access online courses through an online service partner (APEX) specializing in online learning (6-12), paid for by the District. Students will be assigned to a Hudson teacher who will monitor instruction and progress. The online curriculum will meet the same standards as our Hudson City Schools curriculum, but it will not necessarily match the same pacing or activities that are delivered in the building. MS students will have a teacher from their team monitor their progress and virtually meet with the student at least once a week. HS students will also have a HHS teacher monitor progress and virtually meet with the student at least once a week.

    Additional Information for VLO

    Students with disabilities on IEPs will receive special education services remotely. Individualized Remote Learning Plans for students with disabilities will be developed collaboratively with families. 504 accommodations and services applicable to the remote learning environment will be provided.

    Students will be able to participate in district athletics, extra-curricular activities, and after school functions, in accordance with the same eligibility and health guidelines required for all other students in our school district.

    Grades earned in the online learning platform for high school credit will calculate in the student's grade point average and will appear on the student's transcript.

    Daily support of students by a parent/guardian at home may be required in the learning program.

    If state or local regulations require a school closure, students participating in this option will continue uninterrupted using the same online curriculum and platform.

    Adjustments will be made as necessary.

    Students remain subject to all policies and procedures of the Hudson City Schools while attending school virtually during the 2020-2021 school year.

Gifted Services for Option 2 - 100% Virtual Learning

  • Students (grades 6-8) who are in an enriched language arts program will still sign up for an APEX class but will have scheduled time with a Gifted Intervention Specialist at least twice a week using Zoom. This does not replace the need to have an APEX English course (grades 6-8). Students in grades 3-5 will also have scheduled Zoom sessions with a Gifted Intervention Specialist at least twice a week. Students will have their VLO teacher for language arts.

World Languages for Option 2 - 100% Virtual Learning

  • We are contracting with the ESC of Northeast Ohio for an online curriculum provider for the following: 

    • French I, II, and III 
    • Spanish I, II, and III 
    • Latin I, II*
    • Chinese I, II*
    • German I, II
    • We are continuing to work out an agreement with Eastern Ohio ESC for ASL I and II.  

    Students who are taking the higher levels of their world language-Levels III*, IV, and AP, if interested, will apply for credit flex/independent study or College Credit Plus through a university. The credit flex application is available on the Guidance Department website on the High School page. Only classes NOT offered through the ESC will be available for Credit Flex.  

    Credit Flex is an alternative way to earn HS credit through an application process. The due date for these specific courses is waived.

Student Supports

    • Assistance with breakfast and lunch will be available during Hybrid/Remote Learning 2.0 and Hudson's Virtual Learning Program.
    • School counselors, social worker, clinical counselors, and administrators are available.
    • All K-12 students will have a device assigned: K-5 Chromebooks and 6-12 iPads.
    • Families needing internet access can contact Julie Schultz, Social Worker, or their school counselor.

Next Steps for Families

  • Option 2:

    In order to move our planning forward, we need to know which families intend to keep their children AT HOME for at least the first semester/first trimester of the 2020-21 school year. These families must register for the Hudson Virtual Learning Program (100% AT HOME online learning 5 days per week).

    Virtual Learning Program Sign Up Form

    Parents only submit/return this form if you are committing to 100% online learning AT HOME for the first semester/first trimester of the 2020-21 school year. The process will repeat in the winter pending health guidance. Registration for 100% AT HOME online learning is due by 5:00 p.m. on August 12, 2020.

    Details of the Hudson Virtual Learning Program will be finalized and provided once we know how many students (grade levels or subject areas) will be participating in this 100 % AT HOME online learning program 5 days per week.

    Option 1:

    There is NO action step required if you are planning to send your student(s) to school in accordance with the levels in Option 1.